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Africans for Phil Murphy Helped Propelled Him To Victory!!!


Congratulatory wishes are filing in for Democratic candidate Phil Murphy who won the primary election to become the Democrats flag bearer on Tuesday, June 6 th , 2017. One of the groups that were very visible at the Robert Treat election night watch party on Tuesday was the group Africans for Phil Murphy.

Africans officially endorsed Phil Murphy last year July. Stating the reason for the early endorsement is the Phil Murphy’s African Outreach Coordinator Chief Charles Eke “ We believe in Phil, his policies, his stand on so many agendas that fit our community and the State of New Jersey at large”

One of the prominent International leader in the group Africans for Phil Murphy, Mr. Dominic Tamin “ Phil Murphy is a man that is and will be passionate about the welfare of everybody in New Jersey no matter who you are or where you came from initially, today’s victory is for all of us”.

Visibly excited and dancing all around the election watch party venue was Hon. Olamide Davies Talabi “We are proud to be part of history today with Phil Murphy. Our community signed petitions, we knocked on doors, and we will do all we can to support his candidacy till the final victory in November”

Throughout the primary election, Africans have been a dominant force in all aspects of the campaign. They worked under the African Americans leadership to bring in a collective 13,000 in petition, had a very successful fundraiser for Phil Murphy, they helped with canvassing across the State, volunteered for GOTV, attended mostly all of the rallies put together for Phil Murphy and most importantly they worked on marketing for the campaign.

Using the African media outlets like newspapers and social media, the Africans for Phil Murphy successfully reached out to over 300,000 audiences. The African Outreach Coordinator said he is grateful to the campaign for believing in the Africans by getting them involved. “ This is the first time our community will be really part of the campaign on the State level, special thanks to Phil Murphy and Rev. Derek Green for trusting our community by getting us involved”

The group’s influence was possible because of the leadership of Rev. Derek Green, Chief Charles Eke, Mr. Dominic Tamin, and Hon. Olamide Davies Talabi.

Other members that tremendously worked hard to make the Africans for Phil Murphy successful were Mr. Polycarp and Prisca Amuchienwa-Ubah, Attah Boamah, Chief Albert Ukaigwe, Prince Anozie Ugenyi, Evelyn Onyeani, Esq, Hon. Aboubacar Koyate, Christiana Ofodu, Prince Azk Adekoya ii, PhD, Esq, Ifeoma Y. Ejezie, Esq, Dr. Akin Awofolaju,PhD,CLE,CSP,CFE, Martha Iluonokhalumhe and Chief Michael Amuzie.

President Trump and his polices are not popular in the State of New Jersey; a state he lost to Hillary Clinton during the presidential election. Phil Murphy targeting president Trump and connecting him to governor Chis Christie who currently has the lowest approval rate of any governor in the state of New Jersey is a good move by the Phil Murphy’s campaign. This is playing good for Phil Murphy who is leading in all polls leading to November.

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