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Over 200 Faith Leaders Endorsed Phil Murphy for New Jersey Governor

Monday, May 1st Phil Murphy’s office was filled with clergy as they sought to publically endorse him for the office of governor. The event was opened up with a short prayer by the imam from the Qur’an. Several clergy members from the diverse faiths of New Jersey came up and gave their personal endorsement even one from Reverend Steffie Bartley, Sr. coordinator of the National Action Network.

They knew that Phil Murphy deserved this endorsement because he had spoken with them prior to announcing his run for the governor’s seat. The many issues that comprise his platform won over the confidences of the religious leaders. One such issue was education and bridging the digital gap between schools in different districts.

Many of the messages delivered emphasized New Jersey’s need for a steward who would not be neglectful and have their ear to the voices of the people.

Reverend Perry Simmons wisely said, “I was given a ticket to go into a theatre and at one of that ticket there was a perforation written on the perforation was the words ‘No Good If Detached’. For too long we’ve had a governor who was detached and that I will stay in the state of New Jersey to make sure that Governor Murphy and Mayor Baraka are still attached.” As diverse were the faiths of those in attendance it is the same for the inhabitants of New Jersey and it is important that the leadership understands its people.

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