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Mega Fundraiser for Phil Murphy – As he Leads in Polls

“We have put in a lot of resources and effort to make this event a beautiful one on the 20th of May, Africans will surely come out to support Phil Murphy because they believe in his message and everything he stands for” Chief Charles Ugo Eke “African American has continued to play a major role in this campaign” Jermaine James

“African American and Africans will come out to vote on June 6th for Phil Murphy. But, we are having this event to let those that have not really met him to do so in a more relaxed atmosphere. Africans for Phil Murphy team have been on the road supporting the campaign, but some of our people have not got the chance to meet Phil in person, this will be a good opportunity for them to have an up close and personal chat with our incoming governor” – International Leader Dominic Tamin

Other African American and African leaders planning and making sure the event is a big success are; Charles Williams, Larva Young, Della Fischer, Hon. Olamide Davies Talabi, Evelyn Onyeani ESQ, Dr. Akin Awofolaju, Dr Francis Owo, Prisca Ubah, Christiana Ofodu,Chief Pollycarp Ubah, Ms Martha lluonokhalu, Attah Boamah amongst others.

African religious leaders have also pledged their support to the candidate to become the next Governor of New Jersey. Christian and Muslim leaders across the State are educating their congregation about the importance of attending the meet and greet to put a face to the name for those that have not met the candidate and most importantly the get out the vote effort.

In a State that is as diverse as the world itself, the list of African American and African leaders that have endorsed Phil Murphy keep expanding by the day.

With the election less than 38 days, Phil Murphy is leading in the Democratic nomination process and very popular in comparison to the other democratic and republican candidates.

To be a part of history in the making and to participate or donate in the fundraiser please visit Jermaine James: 862-452-9400: Chief Charles Ugo Eke 908-405-7441

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