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Phil Murphy's Team Going Strong - Africans for Phil Murphy supported the Islamic Cultural Event

On Friday, April 22nd, 2017, the Islamic Cultural Center had a dinner for the international global community in Newark. The well attended event to unite the community regardless of their religious background was attended by ISEC Chairman Dr. Sweilam Atin, Iman Dawud Haq President of Iman Council of the City of Newark, Aboubacar Koyate, Deputy Mayor of Newark Ugo Nwaokoro, Phil Murphy Africans Outreach Coordinator Chief Charles Ugo Eke, International leader Dominic Tamin and African leader Olamide Davies Talabi amongst other leaders in the community.

“We expect from here that everyone of you understand that Islam is a religion of peace, love, tolerance, mutual respect and of great strength which is unity” – Imam Mehdi during his opening speech.

Since President Trump signed his January 27 executive order essentially banning Muslims from entering the United States, national attention has been drawn to the religion, and even after the ban was lifted, the Islamic community are still very skeptical about the President’s interest in their welfare.

Phil has worked closely with New Jersey’s Islamic community to recommit his support, and to strategize on how to best protect the interest of New Jersey residents that might be affected by the present administration.

Reinstating the Democratic candidate’s stand was Phil Murphy Africans Outreach Coordinator Chief Charles Ugo Eke “ Phil Murphy supports every religious institution. He believes there is strength in diversity at all levels especially with religion as this is the cradle of everything that makes the community strong.”

Phil Murphy while stating his stand on the Islamic ban and his expectation of Governor Christie in support of the Muslims in New Jersey, quoted the Ambassador as saying“Governor Christie must direct his attorney general to take all legal means to protect refugees and green card holders currently in New Jersey who may be affected by this administration’s misguided policies,” Murphy said. “If he does not, history will show that he was silent as men, women, and children were sent back to the charnel house from which they risked everything to flee to a land of opportunity and freedom.” – Phil Murphy

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