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On Wednesday, October 18th 2017, the State of New Jersey had the opportunity of listening for the last time to the plans, agenda and policies of the two candidates running for the biggest office in the State of New Jersey. The Democratic nominee Phil Murphy spoke eloquently about creating jobs, improving the economy and infrastructure amongst other important priorities while Republican nominee was mostly on the defensive side of the debate; defending her roles or lack of in her boss Chris Christie’s unpopular policies, defending her lack of impact in the administration where she is a Lieutenant Governor.

Congratulatory wishes are filing in for Democratic candidate Phil Murphy who won the primary election to become the Democrats flag bearer on Tuesday, June 6 th , 2017. One of the groups that were very visible at the Robert Treat election night watch party on Tuesday was the group Africans for Phil Murphy.

On Saturday, May 20 th , 2017, the group AFRICANS FOR PHIL MURPHY had a successful fundraiser for the Democratic Governor aspirant Phil Murphy at Ramadan Hotel in East Orange, New Jersey. African leaders across the state came out in good numbers to show their support to a candidate that has become the favorite in the African and the international community.

Monday, May 1st Phil Murphy’s office was filled with clergy as they sought to publically endorse him for the office of governor. The event was opened up with a short prayer by the imam from the Qur’an. Several clergy members from the diverse faiths of New Jersey came up and gave their personal endorsement even one from Reverend Steffie Bartley, Sr. coordinator of the National Action Network.

“We have put in a lot of resources and effort to make this event a beautiful one on the 20th of May, Africans will surely come out to support Phil Murphy because they believe in his message and everything he stands for” Chief Charles Ugo Eke “African American has continued to play a major role in this campaign” Jermaine James

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